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(Fully Online) IPM Course on the Use of Digital Resources in MOE Online Resource Portals (Date)


Programme Synopsis

Are you an educator or MOE officer who use third party copyright material, create your own copyright works, or collaborate with other parties (vendors, partners, students) to create works?

IPOS International (a subsidiary of the Intellectual Property of Singapore) has worked closely with educators and MOE to specially curate and develop this IP Management programme for educators and MOE officers.

This course will equip educators and MOE officers with the skills and knowledge required to navigate IP issues involved in the creation, usage, and sharing of digital resources in MOE online resource portals.

Participants are assumed to have some basic knowledge of the various types of IP. Otherwise they are strongly encouraged to attend the IP Management Course and Toolkit for MOE prior to attending this course.

This course will be useful for officers from the Curriculum Planning and Development Division involved in resource development, and MOE Officers who need to create, use and share digital resources in MOE online resource portals.

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Programme Schedule

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, participants would be able to learn the following:

  • Introduction to Online Resource Portals in MOE (e.g. OPAL)
  • Basic Overview of Policies for MOE Online Resources
  • IP Issues in Using Online Portals
    • Creating Digital Resources
    • Using Digital Resources
  • MOE policies in relation to Creating and Using Digital Resources
  • Licensing of Digital Resources
    • Understanding Licence Terms
    • IP clearance process
  • Case Studies discussions (see sample case study scenarios on page 2 of the programme brochure)

Participants will also receive an IP/IPM Toolkit & Resources consisting of the following:

  • IP Glossary
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Checklist for uploading and downloading of Digital Resources
  • Compilation of IP Resources


S$ 481.50 per pax (Inclusive of GST)


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