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(Fully Online) IP Management Course & Toolkit for MOE

31 Aug 2020 (Fully subscribed)

Programme Synopsis

This programme is fully subscribed. To be placed on the waitlist, please email

Are you an educator or MOE officer who use third party copyright material, create your own copyright works, or collaborate with other parties (vendors, partners, students) to create works?

IPOS International (a subsidiary of the Intellectual Property of Singapore) has worked closely with educators and MOE to specially curate and develop this IP Management programme for educators and MOE officers.

This programme will equip educators and MOE officers with the skills and knowledge to understand and address IP challenges faced in their course of work.

This course is only open to MOE Officers, Teachers, School Middle Management who are Education Officers holding the positions of Heads of Department, Subject Heads, Level Heads and School Staff Developer.

Interested in organising a corporate run of this course for your organisation? Contact us today!

Programme Schedule

31 Aug, 2020 - 31 Aug, 2020
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Registration opens at 8.30am)
Online Streaming Session
Due to the current COVID-19 situation, this course will be conducted via online streaming. We will be providing participants with the relevant materials prior to the course. When the COVID-19 situation improves in the near future and this course is able to be conducted face-to-face, we will update course registrants accordingly.

Learning Objectives

The objective of this course is to equip MOE Teachers and Officers with the skills and knowledge to understand and address Intellectual Property (IP) challenges faced in their course of work. At the end of the course, participants would be able to learn the following:

  • Concept of MOE IP
  • Ownership of Foreground and Background IP •Copyright Infringement •Copyright Exceptions applicable to Educational Institutions
  • IP Clearance Process
  • Exploiting IP: Dealing with Third Party Requests to use MOE IP
  • Using Student IP
  • Specific use scenarios
    • MOE Legal Entities 
    • Use of Third Party IP
    • Common Licensing Agreements – Creative Commons and CLASS Licenses
  • Case Studies discussions

Participants will also receive an IP/IPM Toolkit & Resources consisting of the following:

  • IP Glossary
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Free Website Resource List
  • Compilation of IP Resources
  • Templates for seeking permission on use of Copyrighted materials
  • Flowchart on use of third party materials 
  • Legal Structure of MOE school entities and certain IP implications arising therefrom



S$ 481.50 per pax (Inclusive of GST)



Ms Dilpreet Kaur
Tel: (65) 6330 8692
Ms Fanny Koh
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