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(Fully Online) Safeguarding Your Brand Overseas


Programme Synopsis

Facing challenges with your brand when expanding overseas? Brand impersonation and misuse, such as counterfeits, replicas, and copyright and trade mark abuse, have become more prevalent in today’s borderless digital era.

Brands are often abused because abusers can benefit financially from it. While businesses look to solve specific instances of brand abuse, they also require a holistic brand protection and management strategy.

Pick up essential knowledge and skills to create and put into practice your brand protection strategy, to mitigate brand abuse and maximise the value your brand contributes to your business.

In particular, this programme will spotlight how you can safeguard your brand when doing business in China.

Programme Schedule

Online Live Streaming Session
Due to the current COVID-19 situation, this course will be conducted via online streaming. We will be providing participants with the relevant materials prior to the course.

Learning Objectives

What you will learn

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the impact of brand abuse on brand owners
  • Discuss the 9 types of brand abuse
  • Explain why brands are abused
  • Explain the benefits of the proactive approach over reactive approach in brand protection
  • Interpret the framework and objective of a brand protection strategy
  • Put up a strong proposal when creating a trade mark for the China market
  • Develop a holistic brand protection strategy for your company, in the context of doing business in China
  • Explain why and how to set up a trade mark watch and/or domain watch
  • Identify various tiers of domain names aligned with brand protection
  • Interpret the benefits of trade mark clearinghouse
  • Locate the routes to file complaints dealing with counterfeit listings, social media profiles and hijacked keywords in China
  • Propose internal training for your company employees against vishing and phishing
  • Propose external campaigns for the public to stay away from the scams on your brands
  • Set out the considerations when adopting external brand protection services
  • Interpret how to review and appraise a brand protection strategy

Who should attend

  • Managing Directors or General Manager of SMEs
  • Founders, Entrepreneurs
  • Heads of Marketing
  • In-house IP Managers who manage corporate trade marks and other brand assets
  • In-house Counsels who deal with brand related issues
  • IT Personnel who deal with domain management and/or scams such as phishing
  • IP Strategists / IP Consultants

Speaker / Trainer Profiles

Mr Morgan Cao
Senior Assistant Director, China Representative Office, IPOS
Senior Assistant Director, Global Engagement, IPOS International
WSQ Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (WSQ ACLP)

Morgan is Senior Assistant Director of Global Engagement at IPOS International. He brings his experience in transnational business expansion to his current role in helping enterprises and research institutes succeed through IP strategy, management and commercialisation.

Prior to joining IPOS International, Morgan led a regional IP solution sales team at Thomson Reuters / Clarivate Analytics, supporting clients throughout their innovation journey from discovery to commercialisation. During his professional career in China, Morgan practised law at Guangdong Everwin Law Office and at leading IP firm Guangdong Yogo Patent and Trademark Agency.

Morgan holds a Master of Law from Sun Yat-Sen University and has obtained the China National Legal Profession Qualification.


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