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Certified Patent Valuation Analyst Program (Expanded Version)

2 - 4 Mar 2020
SkillsFuture Study Awards Supported ($5,000 Award Sum)
SkillsFuture Study Awards Supported ($5,000 Award Sum)
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About the Course

Gain the skillsets to value patents and be conferred the internationally-recognised CPVA designation

Be a Certified Patent Valuation Analyst and gain the internationally-recognised CPVA designation!

Join us at this 2 or 2½ day certification course to gain the skills to value patents, from the analytical, legal, financial, and practical perspectives.

You will be conferred the prestigious CPVA designation and be listed on the global CPVA directory.

This programme aims to provide the knowledge on the valuation of patents, from the analytical, legal, financial, and practical perspectives.


CPVA Alumni and Benefits

CPVAs hail from all over the world and from companies including Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Hewlett-Packard, Lockheed Martin, Pfizer, Stryker, Coca-Cola, Oracle, Baker Hughes, AT&T, Visa, Panasonic, General Electric, Samsung and Infosys.


CPVAs will also receive:
  • More than 10 patent valuation articles.

  • Course book which includes hundreds of PowerPoint slides.

  • Excel workbook with dozens of plug-and-play Patent Valuation Methodologies.

  • Access to the Patent Valuation Gauntlet which contains over 900 issues to consider when valuing patents

Programme Schedule

02 Mar, 2020 - 03 Mar, 2020
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Registration will start at 8.30am
IP Academy
1 Paya Lebar Link
#11-03 PLQ 1 Paya Lebar Quarter
Singapore 408533
04 Mar, 2020 - 04 Mar, 2020
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM Registration will start at 8.30am
IP Academy
1 Paya Lebar Link
#11-03 PLQ 1 Paya Lebar Quarter
Singapore 408533

Programme Outline

Topics to be covered include:

  1. Valuation of Emerging Technologies
  2. Calculating Damages Resulting From Patent Infringement
  3. Negotiating Licensing Agreements for Maximum Returns
  4. Advanced Patent Valuation
  5. Assessing Patent Strength and Value (optional module)

The programme will feature informative lectures, case studies analysis, group discussions, assessments and post-course webinars.



Topic(s) – See Annexures for Details

2 March 2020 (Day 1)

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Valuation of Emerging Technologies  

3 March 2020 (Day 2 AM)

9:00 am to 12:30 pm

Calculating Damages Resulting from Patent Infringement

3 March 2020 (Day 2 PM)

1:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Negotiating Licensing Agreements for Maximum Returns

Webinar Course

Advanced Patent Valuation  

Optional (Additional Module)

4 March 2020 (Day 3 AM)

9:00 am to 12:30 pm

Assessing Patent Strength and Value

End of Course

N.B. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, programme may be subject to change.

P.S. refreshments and lunch will be provided.


You may visit this link for course offerings in other parts of the world. If you are unable to attend this course in Singapore but are keen to attend the next available session, please email us.

Speaker / Trainer Profile

David Wanetick
IncreMental Advantage
David Wanetick has more than 20 years of experience in Company and Intellectual Property Valuation as well as negotiating transactions such as capital raises, licensing agreements, patent sales, and mergers and acquisitions. He developed the Certified Patent Valuation Analyst Designation as well as founded the Institute for Strategic Negotiations.

David is recognised world-wide for his expertise in valuing emerging technologies and intangible assets such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, contracts, earn-outs and non-compete agreements. His clients include law firms; emerging, mid- and large-sized companies; technology transfer offices; inventors; venture capitalists and private equity firms. Valuations are primarily conducted in the context of negotiating licensing agreements, mergers and acquisitions, patent sales, capital raises and litigation support. Mr. Wanetick is the author of seven books. His four most recent books are Plight of the Patentee: The Case for Restoring Inventors’ Rights; Solution Nation: One Nation is Disproportionately Responding to the World’s Most Intractable Problems; The Strategic Negotiator: A Manual for Negotiating at the Elite Level; and, Business Model Validation: What Makes Business Models Work.

He has published articles, been quoted or interviewed, in media outlets such as CNBC, CNNfn, The Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Chief Executive Magazine, Competitive Intelligence, Technology Transfer Tactics, Directors & Boards, Investors’ Business Daily, Newsweek, Intellectual Asset Management, Technology Transfer Tactics, Les Nouvelles, Patent World, CEO Magazine, The CPA Journal, Licensing Journal, Willamette Insights, Valuation Strategies, Valuation Examiner, Business Valuation Update, IP Frontline, IP Litigator, Inventor’s Digest, Private Equity Manager, Research & Development Magazine, and The Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators.

He teaches several courses at The Business Development Academy. He has lectured to senior intellectual property executives and institutional investors all over the United States as well as in Canada, Singapore, Kuwait, Israel, the United Kingdom, France, Taiwan, Thailand, Dubai, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, China, India, Germany, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Fees (incl. GST)

Days 1 & 2: SGD$4,387.00 (not applicable for SFSA funding)

Days 1 to 3: SGD$5,483.75 (applicable for SFSA funding of $5,000*)


*Day 3 comprises an optional module – ‘Assessing Patent Strength and Value’. This module is not a requirement for obtaining the CPVA designation. Only participants of the full 3-day course are eligible for funding under the SkillsFuture Study Awards (SFSA) for the Intellectual Property (IP) Sector.


SkillsFuture Study Awards

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore and SkillsFuture Singapore have launched the SkillsFuture Study Awards (SFSA) for the IP sector. Selected IP Academy courses are supported under this initiative, and interested parties may apply for the award sum of $5,000 (subject to eligibility and substantive evaluation) as indicated on the SFSA webpage. For more information on the SFSA’s eligibility criteria and application process, please visit the SFSA webpage.

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